Junk in the trunk: First aid

This is so important, I carry one when I’m not in the car There is more to this, like  what I put in it.  Your family may require different things, but here is what is in mine, compiled through experience. Allergy pills (like Benadryl):  you never know when your gonna have a bee fly in […]

Junk in the trunk: Pliers

Continuing my series of things in your car…. Not just any pliers. Trust me, cheap pliers are useless.  My favorite is called lineman’s pliers.  They are meaty and cut coat hanger wire like butter.  “Channel locks” are good too.  Important things to look for:  easy hinge,  gnarly teeth and thick insulated handles.  Keep in mind, […]

Junk in the Trunk: water

One of the most versatile things is a 1 gallon bottle of water.  Best to use distilled water.  We have had the backward winds lately, and fires are popping up all over.  It took me half an hour to drive 5 miles home tonight due to the fire department closing a lane of the bridge […]

Junk in the trunk: Road Flair

Thing 2 for the trunk: At least 2 road flares. These are getting harder to find, but i find them important. As a person who has been in a car that was tuck in traffic lanes without them, I can tell you how important they can be. Here in California, nothing says “Danger” like a […]

Junk in the Trunk

Im starting this series while i am in school this semester, called unoficialy:  10 things you should cary in your trunk.  Due to the events of the week the first item is this. At the shop we call this the handy dandy jumper box.  long ago, these were so big they had wheels on them.  […]

b4ck 2 5k00l

First day.  My math book was 200 bucks, i managed to get a substitute for 80.  Who knew single variable calculus could be so expensive.  This is suposed to be the “easy” calculus.  I already have the chem book, since its a continuation of my last chem class.  Many of my class mates will be […]

Locked Out.

Some of you have heard these, but from my perspective on the other side of the door, I can tell you things don’t look too different sometimes. Got a call in the shop a few weeks ago: customer is in front of the shop, and wants me to go let her out of the car […]

Pigs Fly; Swine Flu

need i say more?

“Loony Lube” consistancy

Again, at least a few time a year at least, I get one of these.   This Ford Excessive was dragged through the local EZ lube about 20 miles before it was dropped off for a safety inspection.  I guess if your going to use EZ lube, its a good idea to have a real shop […]

Things that suck

Found a broken vacuum cleaner. A really nice Hoover that was left with a broken and melted beater brush. I took it in and nursed it back with some parts from an alternator and a rod from a printer. ‘Worked great when i was done, but i warned The Man to be careful, I wasn’t […]