Things that suck

Vacuum cleaner

Found a broken vacuum cleaner. A really nice Hoover that was left with a broken and melted beater brush. I took it in and nursed it back with some parts from an alternator and a rod from a printer. ‘Worked great when i was done, but i warned The Man to be careful, I wasn’t sure how long it would last so take it easy on it. The vacuum disappears from the shop, and 2 weeks later it returns. “It stopped working, I’m not sure what she did with it.” Dint ask about who “she” was. I pulled the bottom off the beater brush to find what looked like 1/2 lb of sand. All my hack repair broken. I’m wondering where “take it easy” turned into “take it to the beach.”

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  1. I once lent my car to a friend, and she scratched the hell out of it and pretty much destroyed the interior. Her excuse? “I trash all of my own stuff, too!” So much for expecting a little respect.

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