The Caddy

Some of you may know that my truck has an image that is not being fulfilled.  An opportunity may be coming up to change that, so i am considering how i would like it to look.  One idea is to paint the truck so it looks like it was CNCed from a block of aluminum.  please consider the following images, and give me some ideas.  (i know the music sucks, but i didn’t pick it.)

2 Responses to “The Caddy”

  1. I like white the best, easy to clean, touch up, and be seen.

  2. I like the copper penny look… hell put some flames on the hood. I always thought it would be funny to see someone with flames painted on their car and their engine actually being on fire….

    It is rumored that the first “flame job” was actually inspired by a hot rod race in the 30s, when a guys car was on fire and he kept racing.

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