Ode to my truck (or is that Old)

The truck

Today my truck got alot of work done.  I got tired of the grinding noise every time i pushed the clutch, so a few weeks ago, i toured the salvage yards for a pedal assembly and anything else useful that would fit.  I rebuilt it fashioning new bushings from brass pilot bushings to replace the crappy plastic ones. Brake lathes sure come in handy sometimes, dull blades do not. I got pedals to work smooth, ordered everything i could think of connected to them including; brake servo, master cyl, clutch cable, pedal pads (made a throttle bushing).  Wednesday afternoon was the mess of making it all work.  of course nothing quite fits like its supposed to when your car is made from 3 other cars, 2 of which your not sure of. after some grinding, bending, threading, straitening, adjusting, tweaking, cleaning and painting, i got it all to resemble its various functions.   After the PITA of bleeding everything, it drives like a whole new truck…   Well the pedals feel good, now the other smaller problems seem a bit larger.  next project will be either something with the fuel system or a new rack and column.

4 Responses to “Ode to my truck (or is that Old)”

  1. And, one day, paint!

  2. paint job is a looooow priority. specially since its parked outside.

  3. I found your site on faves.com bookmarking site.. I like it ..gave it a fave for you..ill be checking back later

  4. I enjoy your truck geekiness Jason. You put so much into that little truck of yours that it amuses me. I remember the one and only time I seen you and Sarah in it (Theater)… was thinking, “Wow they barely fit! I’d barely fit!

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