NyQuil – The SeQuil

All of the crimis shopping is done, except for sarah.  Only prison break was on tonight, so i bit the bullit, put my real guitar back in its case and tried Sarah’s Guitar Hero game.   meh.    Its not like playing guitar at all.  You cant fake over your screwups. I didnt see the doc today, […]

The NyQuil Before Christmas

I got a cold.  Not just one of those run of the mill “work thru it” colds, i got one ov those waking up with your brain stuck rebooting some stupid thing you saw in a movie while your trying to sleep.  After 2 doses of nyquil and 4 (real) sudafed tablets, I still couldnt […]

Math final

more music charts

A strangely empty trailerpark somewhere.

Flamingo season:  those gaudy inflatable and snowmen take up too much room, but the gnomes fit in with the plastic Santa’s and reindeer. more animals


Grease cat.  I will post these when i see them, as i see appropriate. more animals