Johns Pizza & Homemade Ice-cream

We Packed out on schedule Sunday morning. Packing went like this: shake snow out of pack, stuff in sleeping bag. Shake snow off of rain-fly, stuff in sack, try to pack everything before pack fills with snow again, shake dirt out of tent, collapse tent, shake snow off of tent, fold poles, shake snow off […]

Woried Night

I don’t like cold. I’m a desert rat, if I’m gonna be in extreme temperatures, I prefer hot. (keep an eye out for when I complain about heat). Saturday evening at camp it got cold. Me and Joe learned a card game from another guy, most of us entertained ourselves around the fire, some drying […]

Bears do go in the woods

This is a repost from the bulletin posted on myspace. this is probably way more amazing to me than it will be to many readers, but i saw a bear this weekend. Not a picture, or a zoo animal or something, a real live huge black bear. We were hiking back to base camp from […]

Camp Food

When my sisters and i were in our early teens, we lived near the Montclair Plaza, here in So Cal. We had Korean neighbors that new how to throw a party. Its all about the food. I have no idea what they were celebrating, and it didn’t matter. At their events, there was a constant […]

Jackass Peak

It sleeted on and off, sometimes pretty heavily during the adventure, but I was never miserable. Many others were though, and verbal about it. If I can digress here for a moment, this is the one complaint I have about most outings I’ve been on with other people: the conversation. If I am near the […]

The Meadow

The next morning, as usual, I got up when the sun did and no one else was up. Condensation had crystallized on the rainfly window, so I couldn’t see outside. I twiddled my thumbs and played “what is that noise” until I heard others shuffling around. It was cold. I put on thermal undies and […]

The Night hike

We left Friday afternoon from the RCC parking lot, and headed up the 15 in rush hour traffic. We made a stop for gas on the 395 somewhere, and stopped at Carl’s for dinner in Ridgecrest. After dark, we left the 395 at nine mile canyon road, and drove about 20 miles on this twisty […]

The Hat

I took Friday off for a 4 day weekend, (Monday as a recovery day) and packed everything that morning before going to REI to pick up my rental stuff. I’m glad I tried to pack first because I found out my 60L pack was too small. It felt like trying to us a coat closet […]