b4ck 2 5k00l


First day.  My math book was 200 bucks, i managed to get a substitute for 80.  Who knew single variable calculus could be so expensive.  This is suposed to be the “easy” calculus.  I already have the chem book, since its a continuation of my last chem class.  Many of my class mates will be the same, and i have kept in touch with some from Facebook.   Blogging will now be sparse, but i will try to get one in at least once a week.  Anyone  is welcome to comment, so please do.  makes a blogger feel good.

cartoon is from my math book last year.

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  1. Seems like calculus is calculating into your wallet too.
    I could not grasp algebra, much less the higher forms of math, my mind just cant think in abstract.

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