b4ck 2 5k00l

First day.  My math book was 200 bucks, i managed to get a substitute for 80.  Who knew single variable calculus could be so expensive.  This is suposed to be the “easy” calculus.  I already have the chem book, since its a continuation of my last chem class.  Many of my class mates will be […]

Locked Out.

Some of you have heard these, but from my perspective on the other side of the door, I can tell you things don’t look too different sometimes. Got a call in the shop a few weeks ago: customer is in front of the shop, and wants me to go let her out of the car […]

Pigs Fly; Swine Flu

need i say more?

“Loony Lube” consistancy

Again, at least a few time a year at least, I get one of these.   This Ford Excessive was dragged through the local EZ lube about 20 miles before it was dropped off for a safety inspection.  I guess if your going to use EZ lube, its a good idea to have a real shop […]

Things that suck

Found a broken vacuum cleaner. A really nice Hoover that was left with a broken and melted beater brush. I took it in and nursed it back with some parts from an alternator and a rod from a printer. ‘Worked great when i was done, but i warned The Man to be careful, I wasn’t […]

Souper Pickin

First week of braces sucked. never ate so much potato in my life. Good thing i like soup. tried to eat some soft cheese and broke one of the braces off. Going in tomorrow to get it reattached and possibly adjusted again. Every time I look in the mirror i think of a miniature roller […]