Wada Weekend

I am still studying for my chem test as if it was a final, and i still have another test and final comming.  I canceled last weeks star trek night, and may cancel this weeks too, in order to have more study time.  Work has finaly slowed down, i only worked on one car today.  […]

Pardon the Turkey

Hope everyone is having a better thanksgiving day than me.  I have a chem test on Tuesday with a chem teacher that makes casting a shadow look hard. Sarah, i hope, is posting pictures from the fire aftermath while i figure out how to calculate the percentages of chemicals in a gas.  Our feast today […]

Before the Fire

This is Chino Hills state park, earlier this year.  This area is now black char.  Just thought id reminisce a bit,  I’m gona miss this place.

Fire Update

Here you can see a map of the fire area as of 10:30 am sunday.  My sister in law lives in diamond-bar, and is currently evacuating to my parent-in-law’s place in LA.   Chino Hills state park is toast, I will post pictures of what it used to look like in a later entry so you […]

Ring Around Your Balinda

Sarah will hopefully still have a job monday, a fire is mere blocks away from her office.  A rumor has emerged that Wier Canyon Honda is burned down, but i cannot confirm that.  So, TV sucks tonight, the choices are: fire news, rerun of TMZ, fire news, movie from the 80s, and fire news. The […]

Ho Humming

Last monday at work, A humming bird got trapped in the 20 foot high sky-light at work.  Too far away to reach with our ladder, we were helpless as it buzzed against the glass trying to get out.  by the end of the day, it dropped to the ground.  The Man, assuming all was lost, […]

Cat pans Blog

Best LOLcat ive ever seen


I work with a lot of people, including The Man, who have different things they like to stockpile. One of these is Hope. In my line of work, hope is not the same as it is for, say, a starving child or a desperate artist. (there may be some exceptions for the desperate artist) The […]