I am trying to leave lots of scroll room for those who dont care for wild pictures of me. * As some of you who folow my wife on facebook already saw, i was knocked out for most of yesterday and had my mouth blasted and tunneled for the instalation of a new railroad. I […]

California Firsts

We were privileged to free entry to the OC fair thanks to one of Sarah’s Co-workers.   We went for the second half of our redneck weekend and saw the first for California demolition derby with class C motor homes.  Some of you out of stater’s don’t see this as anything new, but it was awesome […]

Changing Face

In one week, I will be starting the last stage of years of work on my face. Those of you who know me are aware that i have a birth defect called a cleft lip. This, along with other oral oddities have required extensive work, including 9 stitches, broken wisdom teeth, and waiting for teeth […]

solly for the deray

Hard drive crashed on the laptop i use to post most blogs. It got tossed into the pile of things to repair at my desk, while a substitute laptop is being used at work. Lost all my future post ideas in the crash, so until i can recover some or get other ideas, things will […]