X Pensive

Why it costs $1600 bucks to fix the A/C on some cars.

Captains Blog

I sucked my new wife Sarah into a ritual I started years ago. One night a week, I set aside for nothing but relaxing. Since most of what’s on TV sucks, I watch a geeky selection from netflix, drink a thick German beer, eat elaborate snacks and smoke a cigar. Since I usually watch star […]

Some People Never Learn

When i was a kid growing up in the desert, my sister adopted a German Shepard looking dog we called Woof.  (Its name was Wolf, but it was a dumb dog, so he didn’t mind)  As a puppy, it gallantly skittered across the tile floor, sliding sideways like a NOPI drifter around corners, then over […]

Beware AAA

Used to be a good thing. I have AAA myself.  I consider it a necessity when driving the car i do, even actually used it once when my fuel pump failed on my way to final exams last year.  now i wonder. A few weeks ago, a client called and said their car died and […]

Ode to my truck (or is that Old)

Today my truck got alot of work done.  I got tired of the grinding noise every time i pushed the clutch, so a few weeks ago, i toured the salvage yards for a pedal assembly and anything else useful that would fit.  I rebuilt it fashioning new bushings from brass pilot bushings to replace the […]

twitter: the new crack

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musical friends

JDPriest, our favorite local musician stopped by, check him out, purdy good stuff.

Finals week

I just got done with the PE class, hiking and backpacking, and today i take the final exam in music art, and finish my essay. For this essay, poor Sarah fell asleep during our screening of Wagner’s Das Rheingold. Technology has come a long way. the 2.5 hour long opera could probably be done in […]

Old Geek

Want to see what makes an old geek like me moist in the eye? check this out

Johns Pizza & Homemade Ice-cream

We Packed out on schedule Sunday morning. Packing went like this: shake snow out of pack, stuff in sleeping bag. Shake snow off of rain-fly, stuff in sack, try to pack everything before pack fills with snow again, shake dirt out of tent, collapse tent, shake snow off of tent, fold poles, shake snow off […]