Junk in the trunk: Road Flair

Road flair
Thing 2 for the trunk: At least 2 road flares. These are getting harder to find, but i find them important. As a person who has been in a car that was tuck in traffic lanes without them, I can tell you how important they can be. Here in California, nothing says “Danger” like a road flair. It doesn’t make people slow down because they care about you, it makes them slow down to look for bodies. The effect is still the same.
BE CAREFUL with these. they burn hotter than youd expect, and will start a fire. Use them only on pavement, and if you finish before they go out, dump some water on them. Do not put them within 20 inches of anything of any flammability, do not use them on the shoulder. Face them towards traffic, so that if one happens to roll, it will roll parallel with the shoulder. Although the brush-fire will slow down traffic just as effectively, The effect will last too long and possibly result in an actual dead body.

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