Under the J-Tree stars.

August 12,  as the moon went down, Sarah and I sat in a hammock and a mushroom chair and and gazed upwards.  There is a lot of sky out there.  Sarah had no idea so much stuff was visible up there.  At 10pm as the moon sunk below the horizon, It was so dark out […]

Wish In One Hand…

The following was an entry from another blot in May of 2007 “i sent the following to the press enterprise about an hour ago.  somehow i doubt anyone will care tho. —– With all that is going on with police perception regarding the recent outrage at the park, I have recently been part of an […]

The mess.

It’s too easy to get a drivers license in CA.  Not that it matters,  too many people are driving without one.  But, since those people don’t have any money, the go after parking violations at the mall and downtown that make the city 400 bucks a pop.   That goes for trucks too.  On my way […]

The Caddy

Some of you may know that my truck has an image that is not being fulfilled.  An opportunity may be coming up to change that, so i am considering how i would like it to look.  One idea is to paint the truck so it looks like it was CNCed from a block of aluminum.  […]

The Difference Between a “Repair” and a “Fix”.

I have a proposition to repair your broken car.  Yes it is broken, we agree.  You can’t take it anywhere without loads of money.  Everything it does is a pain in the butt, and costs you money for a long period after you drive it.  Its not reliable, you have to wait a long time […]

Geneva Auto show

Here is what interests me about the recent  car show in Europe. This is the Porsche 918 spyder hybrid.  has a 500hp V8,  lithium ion pack with front and rear electric motors at 218hp, total being 718 HP, 0-60 3.6 seconds VW is coming out with a new truck.  Its a midsized, looks like the […]

Finaly We Get the Tooth

Well, Its done.  I have finished the removal of the can opener, and have my new grill installed.  This week, I ate a huge Red Delicious apple, chicken wings, A huge Hamburger, and my foot while trying to speak.  I also discovered I can no longer hold my pen-light in my mouth, or open a […]

WOAH, WOAH, (what a feeling) Toyota

Just to be clear up front, I like Toyota, they build a good car.  Kinda boring for the most part, but under the hood, they make one of the most reliable drive assemblies I have ever seen. Here is a link to a story, but it’s blah blah.  The thing to look at is the […]

Global Squirming

How the World Was Made. News broke today, that another element of Al Gore’s Inconvenient movie was false.  The UN admitted to the artificial creation of data about Iceland icebergs and how fast they are melting.  This comes months after data came out about a lake in the Middle East,  that supposedly dried up from […]

Volvord no mord