Sensors Weep

That day started out simple.  A 2000 Jetta comes in with the complaint “stuck in 3rd gear”  Ahh  Limp mode of course, this should be simple.   2 days later I’m putting an extensive number of plastic pieces back together with bandaged fingers.   What could have gone so wrong. The codes were for circuit failures of […]

Visual Cues

Sometimes working on cars gives you feelings that cannot be portrayed with words.  I found some pictures that are worth more than the words.

Happy Mothers Day

And watch out when the little one wants to borrow the car… I think it has a flat. see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Moron Clue-pons

Almost all coupon deals are designed to get a car on the lift.  once they get your keys, and your signature, your hooked.   remember, you always have the right to say no to any additional sales if your suspicious, pick a place where you are allowed to watch your car.  make sure they are doing […]