For those of you who are familiar, but uninterested in the Build-a-bear phenomenon, Something new has come to us in SoCal.   Its like build-a-bear, but its cars.  Its called “Build Your Ride”.  the website is It looks kinda neat for a guy like me, you pick a body, wheels, accessories, and you get to […]

Geek + Bad Idea.

Hack-a-day posted an interesting article that scares the crap out of me.   Its not that he is using a Chrysler product  (read the comments, they are hilarious)  But that the iphone is using the AT&T network to control this thing.

Junk in the Trunk: “Something else”

Or, as most know it,  a giant screwdriver Some of you may have noticed by now, I have not mentioned a tool kit.   Don’t worry, its coming.  ‘Problem is, the tool kit I will mention doesn’t include a lot of important stuff.  For instance;  too many times, there will be a situation where you just […]

Junk in the trunk: First aid

This is so important, I carry one when I’m not in the car There is more to this, like  what I put in it.  Your family may require different things, but here is what is in mine, compiled through experience. Allergy pills (like Benadryl):  you never know when your gonna have a bee fly in […]