About me

On Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace, you can find me under the name “geekwrench”

I’m a tall and gangly car guy. I am poorly shaded by creosote bushes and fake palm and pine cell towers. My foundation is hard rocky soil and someone else’s lawn. I eat tamales from the trunk of a Buick, and drink drive thru coffee. I get around by 200,000 mile 20 year old car and cheap skate-board. I own tools and toys left outside, and have trouble with snobby neighbors. I weather paint peeling wind storms and road-closing flash floods, but I ignore earthquakes. I watch Mountain ranges shadowing valleys, with warm late morning sunrises and orange smoggy sunsets. I am a Californian-American


I graduated from Palm Springs Hi School in 1990, and worked as an electronics technician at an Audio Video store in Indio CA.   I was called by some a child prodigy, since i was fixing and building electrical stuff since I was 15.  I got an ROP certificate for electronics at 16.  A couple years later, as electronics got cheaper, i struggled through construction jobs until I became a mechanic trainee at a Honda / Volkswagen dealership.  Today i work for an independent mechanic specializing in European models.  I have an associates in Science and Art at Riverside City College, and I am working on a degree in Electrical Engineering.

In the Blogroll at the right are the blog pages of my wife, and my sister.  My little sister used to blog under the name “MeMarieLane” but now she blogs privately and reviews books for “The Book Nook”

Other interesting facts:

1.  I was doing BMX bike tricks before the x games existed.

2.  I love to ice skate (speed, not grace) but it’s hard to rent size 13s

3. I spent most of High School in the Print Shop (that’s where the new Macintosh IIs where)

4.  I used to know how to program the original Apple II computer.

5.  I own (and frequently use) a high end soldering iron.

6.  I’ve only owned one car that i didn’t have to fix after i bought it.

7.  I’ve lost track of how many cars i’ve owned.

8.  I can cook.  (single for many years with little money will do that)

9.  I put Crystal hot sauce or Tapatillo on everything.

10.  I’ve worked as a bouncer

11.  I’ve worked with “exotic dancers”

12.  I’ve been in the pits of a race track more than I’ve been in the stands.

13.  I’ve driven over 60mph on a dirt road (go ahead you try it)

14. I didn’t go to prom, and i didn’t buy a yearbook

15. I dress nice.  My belt, shoes, and watch will usually match. Even at work, i wear a pocket of pens and tools that match.

16.  I’ve seen every episode of all star trek series’  (my fav character is 7 of 9)

17.  I’ve been  “felony” stopped by the police assuming i stole a car.

18.  I’ve been the victim of a home invasion robbery.

19.  I’m a dreamer, but it has nothing to do with hope.

20.  My wife married a white guy, and I’m living out my Asian fetish.

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