Mama Obama

OK i hafta say something about this, because it effects everyone more than i think they realize. Yesterday during my lunch at school, i got a news story about Obama’s announcement concerning GM and Chrysler. This is the news story no one seems to have heard, but it was what Obama said before the stock […]

2nd Aniversary

On the recommendation of friends and customers, we celebrated our anniversary on the central coast.  The original plan was to take a wine tour, but the hotel lost my phone number. As such, they couldn’t tell me that because of the zinfest, there was no room for me.  We made the best of it anyway, […]

Earthquake season

I will soon post pictures of our trip north, but currently I am woried that there is a still continuing earthquake swarm on the san-andreas near the salton sea.  that with the volcanic activity in alaska has authorities woried that we could be seeing a prelude to a quake as big as 7.4.  We shal […]

2nd Aniversary

Me and Sarah are leaving friday morning on a road trip up Hwy 1 to Morro bay for the weekend. my next blog post when we return will tell the story.