Junk in the trunk: First aid

This is so important, I carry one when I’m not in the car
First Aid Only All-purpose First Aid Kit, Soft Case, 299-Piece Kit

There is more to this, like  what I put in it.  Your family may require different things, but here is what is in mine, compiled through experience.

Allergy pills (like Benadryl):  you never know when your gonna have a bee fly in your window.

Athletic tape and ace bandage: comes in handy for spranged appendages or when your foot gets run over.

Large bandages: for those fan blade size lacerations.

Hibistat towelette:  disinfectant  and sanitizer.

Chemical Hot and cold packs:  helps keep your hands from freezing up when its cold.

Matches or a lighter: for when your breakdown is hopeless.  (might need an accelerant for the entire car)

Burn ointment: for when you accidentally grab the exhaust pipe.

tweezers and scissors: for pulling out metal shards.

Rubber gloves: for the rare occasion someone else actually gets hurt.

There are other smaller things one should carry, but there are some things I don’t;  band-aids (there too small)  or a snake bite kit.  (I ain’t suckin’ on that).  To each there own.

3 Responses to “Junk in the trunk: First aid”

  1. Thanks for reminding me. I haven’t looked in my car emergency bag and nearly two years. I need to check it out and see if anything needs to be added or replaced.

  2. Well, I carry a small first aid kit, an overnight kit, and an extra change of clothes. THTHHTTHTHTHTHTHTHHT

    Hey, we’re not done yet…

  3. I have one in my car but I really should put allergy pills in it. And gloves- I need a box anyway as I use them in class a lot.

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