“Loony Lube” consistancy

Again, at least a few time a year at least, I get one of these.   This Ford Excessive was dragged through the local EZ lube about 20 miles before it was dropped off for a safety inspection.  I guess if your going to use EZ lube, its a good idea to have a real shop look at it afterward,  it only seems less cost effective.  Unless of course you consider the price of the V10 engine in this monster.  I took this video myself.

2 Responses to ““Loony Lube” consistancy”

  1. Not to mention the $.99 oil filter that may not only be the wrong one , but could have been cross threadded on the nipple. How they stay in bidness is a wonder.

    The filter was correct, and it was installed properly, it just leaked. I had a high quality filter on a VW have a flow problem once, but it never left the shop that way, it got another one.

  2. Holy cow. I’m glad I’m not that person. I’ve never taken my car to that place and I never will.

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