Fat Chants

more animals This week i saw a car with a single large bumper sticker:  “If animals could speak, we would all be vegetarians”. I think some carnivores would disagree.  Imagine your dog begging for vegetarian kibble. I wonder what people would eat if vegetables could speak.  But the kicker was that this car was going […]

Post Fringe

Welp, in the book, the virus didnt kill you, it forced your brain to reboot to its “base language” and you could be controlled.  I was disapointed with this episode.  with my knowledge of computers, i can assure you that hard drive they showed was beyond reading 1 bit off of it.  It would also […]

Not a book ive read recently, but one of the best.  I will probly give it a better review later but i post now because “Fringe” on tuesday night is stealing one of the main ideas. SPOILER ALERT A computer virus that effects hackers who can see the code is scrambling the base language skills […]


As Memarie Lane would say, this is a 1 day book.  only a couple hundred pages, but i wanted to get a taste of this guy before i got into the whole “Ringworld” mess. The Good: Huge fantastic leaps in logic,  the third half of the book was hard to put down.  Good book for […]


The night of the Inauguration, the number one news story on TV was millions of people watching TV. Remember that old saying “the higher the pedestal, the farther the fall”?  Anyone else see a tower beeing built?  I got a news story for ya here:  Obama is a person. Anyone that thinks he is more […]

A New 4 Letter Word in American Cars

you can read the full story here.  Fiat has obtained a 35% interest in Chrysler, to soon be 50%. As If Chrysler wasnt yet a crappy enough car.  Now you will be able to by an american car with an iritating accent, dangerous “family connections”  and lives with its mother ’till it turns 40.

Boats, Balls and BCMs

The Man found reason to buy one of the worst designed vehicles on the road IMO.  A vehicle so soccer-mom, it actually looks kind of like a soccer ball.  This Dodge Caravan ran ok, but it had 2 issues:  A torn intake boot, and a gas gauge that thought it was a windshield wiper.  It […]


more animals Cat was sitting in my lap while i was watching “lost”.  she made a funny hiccup/meow, then i smelled something funny.  I think my cat burped. She snores too.  usualy when its cold and shes in front of the heater, or when she is hogging the office chair. Speaking of gas, I have […]

Pun Crock

WARNING.  THIS BLOG CONTAINS MATERIAL THAT IS NOT SUITABLE FOR THOSE WITH AN INTELEGENCE LEVEL ABOVE OR BELOW THE AGES OF 18 AND 39!! QUESTIONABLE MATERIAL WITHIN. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. I Came to a sad realization today.   Sarah is turning into me. Every once in a while, for my entire life, something of […]

Double Talk

Last night on my ABC station, there was a new show about racism.  they pulled a “migrant worker” from what was probably a local Home Depot and stuck him in a deli with an actor in hopes of instigating good ratings fodder.  They never said the imigrant was legal, they just let us assume that.   […]