Brain Clogs

A few nights ago… I dreamed that my truck, left alone in a grass overflow parking lot in LA was broken into, and parts of the engine stolen. For some reason, I had my sisters phone, and i couldn’t get it to work. every time i pushed a button for a number, some other random […]

The Rat Commute

Some of my customers are really hard on their cars.  Especially those with young families. This is why Sarah doesn’t carpool with co-workers anymore. more animals

Percussion Track…tor

Brain Clogs

My dream last night: Sarah and i watched a Japanese animae movie called Tokyo Godfathers. (homeless people in japan) I dreamed i was sleeping in a cardboard box and a truck drove by. when i woke up i felt an earthquake. there was a 3.1 near telescope peak. A couple nights ago, i dreamed i […]

Science Friction

Both science and religion are guilty of exclusion-ism, and to truly learn something, you must examine all information. The scientific method, as per Basic Chemistry did not exist until relatively recently. Greek origins of “indivisible” particles, Plato, Aristotle, (alchemy in general) did not use the scientific method, but the discoveries and models built in those […]

Worm I goin, and Wire We Here

The Chrysler, (refering this article) Still runs, and the client is happy with us but not the car. As it should be. After tearing the harness apart twice looking for shorts, it was found to be that 2. Not 1, but 2 factory purchased PCM computers were faulty. the second computer would not even communicate […]

Kumquat with me

Me and Sarah on the way back from the store Sarah “I think i’ll make me some Kumquat tea.” Me “come what?”, her “kumquat” “come what”  “kumquat”    ..  “come what” sarah:  “do you need something from me?” ” i don’t need quat” (the previous miss-spelling uv kumquat was irintentional

Brain Clogs

Stress from school has been reeking havoc with my head, and ive been having nightmares.  Like a couple nights ago, i dreampt that the roof i spent all summer fixing was leaking so bad i was getting soaked as i tried to find the hole in the attic.  Then i found out it wasn’t raining […]