Its not fake, it Isreal

A while ago, i saw a video of a stunt plane that lost a wing mid flight. the Youtube showed the plane more-or-less landing safely, but the video had some mysterious “Vaseline on the lens” look about it. Today i saw this, and it has me thinking, maybe, if the plane has enough horsepower, it […]


Work is slow again, so my mind is observing its tendency to go for long walks down short thoughts. Here are a few things I have pondered as of late. An accident between an Isuzu Ascender and a Chevy Avalanche. A designer for Ford on the Snap-on tool truck measuring extensions and screwdriver handles in […]

TV allert

Our friend Eddie Newton, who some readers know, will be on TBN television tonite for a short interview. keep a lookout for it.   His website is

my contribution to TLL

compiments of a tweet from Brent Spiner moar funny pictures

Sensors Weep 4

If my sceptulation is correct, a problem with one sensor was showing on both of them, explaining why I had codes for both at the same time.  Not enough of a problem to actually effect anything the sensor was putting out, but just enough  for the computer to gripe like an old lady and throw […]

Sensors Weep 3

One hand warmed with coffee, and another hand cold with wrench, I did an experiment.  With just the meter attached to the window,  the airbox and several acres of plastic cover removed, I drove until the voltage disappeared again.  It hiccupped on a curb near a grassy knoll,  and I formed a conspiracy theory about […]

Sensors Weep 2

I pulled out my box of electronic connectors and my scope.  The trans harness wasn’t hard to get to, so I patched right into the circuit and watched the signals.  As the transmission went from normal shifting to “limp mode” the signal was clear and healthy.  No cause for concern.  Here is where I wished […]


NASCAR has some serious shortcomings that seem to continue growing with every rule change. One of the oldest is summed up by this article The above mysterious objects are called “rain tires”.  Im sure some concesions can be made to fit these on those mangled pipe frames you somehow still find a way to identify […]