The Caddy

Some of you may know that my truck has an image that is not being fulfilled.  An opportunity may be coming up to change that, so i am considering how i would like it to look.  One idea is to paint the truck so it looks like it was CNCed from a block of aluminum.  […]

The Difference Between a “Repair” and a “Fix”.

I have a proposition to repair your broken car.  Yes it is broken, we agree.  You can’t take it anywhere without loads of money.  Everything it does is a pain in the butt, and costs you money for a long period after you drive it.  Its not reliable, you have to wait a long time […]

Geneva Auto show

Here is what interests me about the recent  car show in Europe. This is the Porsche 918 spyder hybrid.  has a 500hp V8,  lithium ion pack with front and rear electric motors at 218hp, total being 718 HP, 0-60 3.6 seconds VW is coming out with a new truck.  Its a midsized, looks like the […]