Junk in the Trunk: water

Fire Extinguisher For The Budget Minded

One of the most versatile things is a 1 gallon bottle of water.  Best to use distilled water.  We have had the backward winds lately, and fires are popping up all over.  It took me half an hour to drive 5 miles home tonight due to the fire department closing a lane of the bridge to have dozens of orange jumpsuits mowing weeds in the riverbed to put out the hotspots from yesterdays fire.  Distilled water can be used in the car cooling system when it overheats, or can be used by people when they overheat.  It also serves as a very cheap fire extinguisher in a pinch.   Trust me, you don’t want to be the mechanic that does the coolant flush when some wise guy, thinking he is so resourceful, decides to pee into his radiator when his car overheats.

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  1. Let’s just HOPE that the same idot makes sure that the cap has no pressure on it before he scalds his jewels etc.

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