Longevity, the downside

Sometimes, it appears that a car having a reputation for lasting forever is not a good thing.  Of course, Volvo 240s where not know for their good looks.  However, a more modern car’s shape would seem more appropriate.

Yo, Dude. You Like Spoilers?

See,  Its a spoiler….. badum kshhhh

Back to Screwl

I bought some powdered water, but i dont know what to add to it. Here we go again, my Chem 1A class starts tomorow, as well as a rerun of calculus.  I still would like to talk to the guy who aranged the schedule this year, the only math class i can take is at […]

Fallen Dragon

Woah horsie.  This was quite a ride. I have read alot of science fiction, but none writen as well or as clean as this.  Here is the secret:  Its actualy a romance novel. Now wait a second.  It is sci fi, big time.  the guy knows his physics and he never does anything rediculous, this […]