How to Cuss Out a Mechanic

4 letter words: Hope (wish): see previous post on “Investments” Left:  1. state of what something used to be and is no longer.  2.  The heavier side of a car.  3. A description  of the bosses current location.   4. An amount of a substance or product remaining that is just short of useful. Help:  The […]


For Those of you who have had a car into the dealership for repairs, You know that within a few weeks you find yourself on their mailing list, and are privileged with “special deals” that mostly consist of adjusting the content of your wallet. My professional advice:  Ignore them. It cracks me up just to […]

Wikipedia Media Stupedia

If you follow the news out here, my apologies, but your watching a bunch of real poor performers at their art.  this story is an example.  When this story first broke, a 12 ton  big rig had killed 2 people then went through a building at the end of a mountain highway northeast of LA.  […]