Someone figured it out

for all you trying to understand how customer service works, this guy got it

Teach Amanda Fish

(the title and this paragraph were added a few minutes later) Me and my wife (the geekette) have discovered for the third time, the 80s TV shows are more enjoyable if relived only in memory.  We recently got MacGyver on Netflix, where he taught a runaway teenager how to fish with a gum wrapper.  She […]

Hole-stien Buick

Some people. you try to tell them everything is wrong with their car, they still only want an oil change This is, on the lift, what we refer to as Jaba the Buick. Im open to posible other captions. We bought a car from a customer that needed an engine. The Man decides to get […]

Bicycle + dog = bad

Because i am a “cheap conservative” and like to save money, i look a lot like an environmentalist wacko a couple times a week, as i wear a bright yellow shirt and pack a bike bag in the spot for Sarah’s hybrid in the driveway. I told myself that if i consistently ride my bike […]

Jeep’n Chrysler! Dodge Damn Piece of Fordin’ Chevy

Hard to tell a new client that your a European specialist when there are 3 Chryslers in the parking lot and a Buick on the lift.  I just explain t them that after working on Volvos and Audis, it would be a peice of cake.  well maybe the Buick is, i have learned to hate […]

From 1/4 mile to Half Fast

NHRA took a lead from NASCAR and IRL to combine the 2 most non-mixable components of sports and call it an accomplishment:  They have receded to slow down racing.   Other than the obvious oxymoronic idea of making a sport based entirely on speed go slower, it shows people like me, that even tough guys are […]

Aniversary of the Seat-belt

speaking of old Volvos: wired has this article on the invention of the 3 point seat belt.

The Last Real Volvo

My first car was a 1969 Volvo 142. I got it with a bad engine, and about 200k on the clock. I threw in another engine and ran it till it hit 300k. I drove it for 5 years. I unofficially wrecked it twice, drove it at insane speeds on every dirt road between Pioneer […]

How Not To Be a Foodie

try to eat this: This is called a Sloppy Poppa.  It looked better on the menu, and strangely tasted better the next morning out of the microwave in the hotel room before catching the flight home from New Mexico. For those of you reading with an eyebrow raised, I went to visit the Blocker part […]


got this from “” can you imagine this in the US?