Junk in the trunk: A Real Spare

Always carry a spare tire that is at least as adequate as the four bolted on. Most cars come standard with a spare tire that has the range and capacity of an American Idol reject.  Too many times, I have seen people take these things too far, and drive down the freeway at 80 mph.  […]

Junk in the Trunk: Primate

Junk in the Trunk: The Old Bag

No, not my wife.  I technically do not have a trunk to house her in, since I drive a pick-up.  Since room is cramped behind the seats, and I don’t drive that far anymore, I no longer carry an old bag. This is an overnight bag, with a change of clothes and a small bath […]

The Greener side of the Slipery slope.

There has been much upheaval in the local media about water conservation.  None of it seems to focus on 2 simple facts:  1.  This is a desert, there is no water here, we import our water.  2.  There are too many houses built on it.  If the authorities want any real impact, the solution would […]

More Tooth Pics.

Some of you are about to be amazed.   Well, at least some people that haven’t seen me in a while. I no longer have crooked teeth,  but I may still be subject to the name “Can-opener” Last Monday, the dentist said that my teeth were ready for the next phase.  The following conversation between the […]