Junk in the trunk: Pliers

Continuing my series of things in your car….


Not just any pliers. Trust me, cheap pliers are useless.  My favorite is called lineman’s pliers.  They are meaty and cut coat hanger wire like butter.  “Channel locks” are good too.  Important things to look for:  easy hinge,  gnarly teeth and thick insulated handles.  Keep in mind, Pliers are emergency tools and grabbers.  they can easily destroy what you use them on.  I have a Pliers drawer in my toolbox;  My favorite pair is a long needle nose set that’s hooked 45 degrees at the end.  I can grab a spring clamp anywhere with it.  Never is anything in the pliers drawer used  on a nut or bolt.  Mostly they are used for removing disposable fasteners.

However, on the side of the road, in 100 degree heat, on my own car, when i don’t have a wrench, the bolt (that I am probably cussing at)  can go to hell.

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  1. I love pliers, they come in handy around the house. Yet I had bad experiences with cheap pliers, you are right, they are useless, and it took me three cheap pliers more to realize it. 🙂

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