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Cat was sitting in my lap while i was watching “lost”.  she made a funny hiccup/meow, then i smelled something funny.  I think my cat burped.

She snores too.  usualy when its cold and shes in front of the heater, or when she is hogging the office chair.

Speaking of gas, I have grown an intolerance for stupid comercials.  so much so, that if I am faced with a choice, i will not spend money on a company that has a stupid add.  for this reason, I will not eat at Burger King until they get rid of that stupid plastic King guy.

Other offending adds include both AT&T and T Mobile, But I wont be switching soon anyway.

Currently there is an add on TV for Time Warner cable where strangers are approached by a moron that just got their “premium package” and are too excited to just tell people they know.  A guy falls all over an escelator, and a lady in a business suit chases down a jogger.  I havnt had cable TV in years, but these sure dont want me to write a check to them.   I know my dad hates TV because of the stupid comercials, I think Im starting to take after him.  Hope that dont scare you dad.

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  1. That’s one of the great things about not watching TV. I do watch stuff on Hulu sometimes though, and the one I hate is that stupid “Feed the Pig” one with that creepy man sized pig in a suit. It’s like a 30 second horror flick that’s supposed to inspire people to save money I guess? *shudder*

  2. Maybe the plastic Burger King could run off with the annoying guy from the T-Mobile commercials and solve all of our problems. Personally, I hate the jewelry ads. You know, the “if someone didn’t buy you diamonds, you’re pretty much worthless” ads. I think if Jared would run off with Kay, I’d be all set. Or maybe they could take each other out in a murder-suicide plot!

  3. It doen’t scare me as much as when Brad find all too many things that WE have in common. TV commercials are getting worse, and worse than that is that you get five minutes of show and ten minites of the SAME STUPID commercials. I get up and go read a book.

  4. I’m also very disgusted with diamond commercials. Not only do a lot of them have jingles that sound similar to Barbie ads, but they’re going on about how your diamond is part of your personality (i.e. no diamond= you’re nobody), if you don’t have a diamond you’re ugly, your man doesn’t care about you unless you have a rock on your finger, etc.

    And I’m not going to Carl’s Jr. again until they quit with all the sexism.

    About Carls Jr: their adds aren’t sexism, if they were, they would be even more offensive. forget how they make women look, they don’t have any effect on the way men think of women. Rather there adds are rather insulting to men. They seem to think their target audience is morons. they aren’t sexist, their just stupid.

  5. Just once, I would like to see a diamond commerical where a successful woman goes into a store with her friends and buys herself a diamond in some form. As I’m sure I’ll be doing in the next few years!

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