Double Talk

Last night on my ABC station, there was a new show about racism.  they pulled a “migrant worker” from what was probably a local Home Depot and stuck him in a deli with an actor in hopes of instigating good ratings fodder.  They never said the imigrant was legal, they just let us assume that.   The deli game went something like this:  the imigrant would try to order food: in spanish.  the actor/ deli worker told him to order in english or get out.  A few people supported the actor, many supported the imigrant, most ignored the situation.  The following interviews showed teary eyed witnesses saying this isnt how people should be treated.  It doesnt matter if they broke any laws, they should be able to order food.  Normaly i wouldnt give a flying rippled rodent dropping, but the Hipocracy was breathtaking.  Less than a half hour before this show, was another show about the Border Patrol, where a very beautiful swedish belly dancer was denied entry to the US because she didnt have a work visa.  she was put back on a plane to her home country.  I wish i could have had a talk with this swedish dancer to give her some advice: just get a flight to Mexico, and walk accross the border into the US.  Im sure she would get attention handing out Business cards at Home Depot.

My complaint is a tad different.  I dont care what language the customer speaks, they should be able to order food.  however I do insist that the person at the register speak English.  It took 4 tries to get my order right today because the cashier at KFC could understand what i wanted, even pointing to the English menu behind her.

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  1. The Swedish dancer would also need to dye her hair, wear contacts, and spend some time in a tanning salon. BTW we are loving the Snack Time CD, Max asks to listen to it every day. My favorite is the popcorn song.

    She actually already had the dark hair and eyes, but i see many Blondy blues on the large number of Spanish channels we have here.

  2. Visiting from Memarie Lane…

    I am rather biased when it comes to immigration issues. I met my husband while I lived in Denmark…we got married in 2004 then we applied for him to immigrate to the US. A couple of years and several thousand dollars later he finally got his permanent residency. As you pointed out with the belly dancer, it does not make sense, nor is it the least bit fair, that my husband (and thousands upon thousands just like him) had to immigrate legally just because they were flying to the US, not walking.

    I really do not care how many people immigrate to the US or where they come from, as long as they do it legally and pay for it.

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