The night of the Inauguration, the number one news story on TV was millions of people watching TV.

Remember that old saying “the higher the pedestal, the farther the fall”?  Anyone else see a tower beeing built?  I got a news story for ya here:  Obama is a person. Anyone that thinks he is more than that is looking for something to worship.  This is not a country where one person saves everyone else, because in such a case, one person can ruin everyone else.  Obama aint gonna save the economy or anything else any better than all of us together doing it.

I made a comment about Obama reminding me of Regan, I don’t remember where.  Remember when Regan was on TV?  there was nothing else on.    I will bet money right now, that the first news conference with Obama will be on every single network station.  When bush had a press conference, you had to find it on the internet.

In other news:  Search teams in the Hudson River are recovering reckage from the plane crash.  They are looking for the 16 foot long engine that came off a wing.  They found, on the bottom of the hudson river, lugage, life jackets, floatation cussions (on the bottom), several purses and hats, and Geraldo Rivera’s Mustache clippings.  They have not yet found the engine.  Aparently the engine floats better than the seat cushions.  Next time you fly over an ocean,  bring your own floaties.

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  1. You and I are of the same mind on this, you’re saying EXACTLY what I’ve been saying. Obama is not special just because he’s black. He’s still just a mortal like the rest of us. I would hate to see people get discouraged when he can’t solve the world’s problems in a week or two.

  2. I didn’t vote for Obama because he’s black- I voted for him because he was a damn sight better than the alternative. I think he’s doing pretty good so far, but I’m not one to think anyone is ever perfect. I already know I disagree with him on a couple of points, and in the precarious position we’re in right now as a country, a lot can go wrong. He’s not the Savior, but he’s a helluvalot better than the crap we’ve been dealing with, IMHO.

    If I ever get on a plane that flies over large bodies of water, I’m going to try to find that Joe vs The Volcano luggage…

  3. when I saw scenes from the inauguration it remined meof I flims i’d seen in high school of hitler coming into power. the adoring crowds thinking he would save Germany. I hope and pray history doesn’t repeat itself.
    Obama has already promesd to continue the killing of the unborn even up to the time of birth.

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