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Welp, in the book, the virus didnt kill you, it forced your brain to reboot to its “base language” and you could be controlled.  I was disapointed with this episode.  with my knowledge of computers, i can assure you that hard drive they showed was beyond reading 1 bit off of it.  It would also be imposible to fry a hard drive like that without physicaly holding a torch to it.  There was no connection between finding data on the drive, and finding where a file was routed.  However, the insane doc’s explenation of how a computer could fry a brain did make sense, but only if the brain is found to have certain neural network similarities, wich currently is not known.  I think the writers of Fringe need to do a lot more research on their scripts.  Even the sitcom “Big Bang Theory” checks up on themselves.  The whiteboards in the living room have real equations on them.

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  1. There’s a lot of TV I don’t watch because of stuff like this. I’m just too picky- I want my entertainment to be either very realistic, like the history channel’s non- pseudo- science stuff, or complete nonsense, like the news, or stuff that makes fun of all of it, like The Simpsons.

    ah. the complete opposite of me. the combination of reality and wild fantasy is what makes sci fi so fun.

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