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This week i saw a car with a single large bumper sticker:  “If animals could speak, we would all be vegetarians”.

I think some carnivores would disagree.  Imagine your dog begging for vegetarian kibble. I wonder what people would eat if vegetables could speak.  But the kicker was that this car was going through an “In-n-out Burger” drive thru,  that has no vegetarian menu.

My family’s Chinese culture has a red egg party when a newborn in the family turns a month old.  on each table is a plate of red boiled eggs.  Hmm…   a celebration of babies, by eating babies.  Of course there’s that “Mother-daughter” soup too.

Superbowl Sunday is coming up again, and since wings were selling near $4 a pound, i am experimenting.  I got some breast strips, and i am currently marinating them in crystal hot sauce.  I fry them up Sunday morning, then broil them for 30 min at 250 in a soup of ranch dressing and more crystal hot sauce.  il update you on the result.

I have now gone more than 12 years without cable TV.  Now that analog low band is ending, I installed a DB8 antenna. Its all anyone will need after the 2/17/09 swithchover.  It facinates me that you can find full “fishbone” VHF antennas for sale with “HDTV ready” on the box. I look like i have a giant cake dryer flag over my house, but the drop-outs are way down.

Tomorrow is Sarah’s TV night, so let the feasting begin.  again.

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  1. I noticed that about the wings at the store today. Used to be they were one of the cheapest meat options. In contrast, the leg quarters were $.79 a pound. Leg quarters it is.

    I thought the red eggs were only for boys? That’s how it was in The Good Earth anyway. Maybe they’re just getting into the whole equality racket.

  2. There’s apparently a shortage of converter boxes. Looks like all the poor folks didn’t get online and order their half- off vouchers before they all ran out. What IS wrong with them?! (obviously I’m making fun of the government’s approach to this situation…)

    common misconception. walk into any radio shack, they’re stacked up by the case. The problem with the coupon, is that they increase the price. the box is worth no more than 40 bucks, if you knew what was in it, but because there is a coupon, they sell for more. Whats more, if you have a newer TV or a DVDR or otherwise do not use an antenna over the air, you don’t need one, so many people were duped into buying one for no reason.

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