The Night hike


We left Friday afternoon from the RCC parking lot, and headed up the 15 in rush hour traffic. We made a stop for gas on the 395 somewhere, and stopped at Carl’s for dinner in Ridgecrest. After dark, we left the 395 at nine mile canyon road, and drove about 20 miles on this twisty road into the Southern Sierra Wilderness, then another couple of miles on a dirt road. We all climbed out in the overcast pitch black darkness and strapped on headlights and gear.
22 people from 2 vans hiked 3 miles in the dark to the edge of Hooker Meadow where we made camp. It was neat to hike at night, id never done that before. The moon was bright, but was only out briefly, so it was completely ‘cant see where you are peeing‘ dark. As the group tripped over logs and pinecones trying to take of backpacks they couldn’t see, The teacher, “Duff” instructed us to spread out and set up tents about 30 feet or so apart, but I think every tent there was within a 30 foot radius. Someone said it looked like an REI commercial. Me and the 2 others in my food group stuck what food we could in the bear can and got to sleep at about 12:30 am. My thermometer said 32 degrees. If it wasn’t for the thermarest pad and the down jacket I brought, I would have been miserable. I slept fine, only waking up when my hand went numb cuz I slept on it. Inside that tent was a good 6-7 degrees warmer than the outside. It would only have been better if I had a decent sleeping bag. If I do this again, I am getting myself a $300 bag.

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