Woried Night


I don’t like cold. I’m a desert rat, if I’m gonna be in extreme temperatures, I prefer hot. (keep an eye out for when I complain about heat). Saturday evening at camp it got cold. Me and Joe learned a card game from another guy, most of us entertained ourselves around the fire, some drying off soggy shoes and socks. I didn’t eat much that night after the possibility of sleeping in pairs was brought up to keep us warm. I didn’t want to freeze, but I sure as heck didn’t want to be in a tent for 8 hours with some of those people. Some did group up, and some of us stayed by the fire as long as we could. I eventually got too sleepy and ran out of Sarah’s marshmallows, so I went to bed. Off in the distance still by the fire, some guys kept me up arguing about politics and cars.
I slept warmer than I thought I would. The next morning I woke up early, and was happy I had been commissioned to start the fire so I had something to do. It was snowing. I thought I had seen snow before, but I guess I hadn’t. I went “to the woods” for my morning donation and saw, for the first time in my life, real snowflakes. They really do have a shape, its not just for cartoons and Christmas.
It was hard to start a wet fire, but Joe helped, and we got it going. All those stupid geek tricks on you tube don’t work. I am happy the others in the food group, Rebecca and Kelly, weren’t picky. We had pop tarts and oatmeal for breakfast, but stopped at the pop tarts. We had to pack up and ship out that morning.

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