Johns Pizza & Homemade Ice-cream


We Packed out on schedule Sunday morning. Packing went like this: shake snow out of pack, stuff in sleeping bag. Shake snow off of rain-fly, stuff in sack, try to pack everything before pack fills with snow again, shake dirt out of tent, collapse tent, shake snow off of tent, fold poles, shake snow off of tent, stuff tent, shake snow off of pack, insert remaining stuff. I carried 52 lbs in, I should have carried several pounds less out since we ate and drank the stuff. I probably made up the difference in snow. I warmed up on the hike back, actually started sweating. At the vans, I was standing in the falling snow wearing a sleeveless workout shirt, trying to cool off so I didn’t smell to bad.
On the drive back we stopped in Ridgecrest for lunch at the traditional Johns Pizza, a joint the teachers father discovered in the 80s. I don’t know if it was really good because we had been camping, or if it was on its own merit. They had peanut butter pizza, not too bad. The Home made ice-cream came in exotic flavors and was excellent. I got home around 5pm that evening, and spent the next day showering. I may actually do this again soon, but I want Sarah to come next time.

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  1. The last time I kicked the crap out of myself on a horrendous 9 hour hike- to the very tippy top of a mountain and back- got caught in a storm- etc… I ate pancakes when I got back. And scrambled eggs and sausage and hash browns and orange juice and more pancakes. Those pancakes were the most wonderful pancakes ever.

    What is it about kicking the crap out of oneself that makes food taste so good??

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