Bears do go in the woods

Black bear 2

This is a repost from the bulletin posted on myspace.

this is probably way more amazing to me than it will be to many readers, but i saw a bear this weekend. Not a picture, or a zoo animal or something, a real live huge black bear.
We were hiking back to base camp from Jackass peak and saw fresh bear tracks in the snow. the footprint was about 12″ long, and 8″ wide. big bear. about a mile later, as we were entering the meadow where the Bonita springs are, the teacher in front stopped and dropped to one knee and gave the hold and hush sign. right in the middle of the meadow, playing in the water was a black bear. we sat and watched for a while, then teach told everyone get up and start walking toward the meadow we did, and after a few yards the bear stopped, looked our way for a couple of seconds and darted off into the woods. I caught it on video running away, but flicker wants me to leave money on the nightstand to display it, so you‘l hafta see my Myspace home page for it at
Near the same meadow, we had our lunch break at an old Indian campsite (see last entry) It was interesting to contrast this with the “white people” campsite, it was more secluded, protected from wind, and even a little warmer. The hike back to camp was uneventful after that, other than me being thankful for waterproof boots to hike through the meadow in.

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