Jackass Peak

Jackass Peak 7

It sleeted on and off, sometimes pretty heavily during the adventure, but I was never miserable. Many others were though, and verbal about it. If I can digress here for a moment, this is the one complaint I have about most outings I’ve been on with other people: the conversation. If I am near the front, the teacher hasn’t much to say. If I am not near the front, out of earshot, the teacher has interesting things to say to those that are in earshot. At that time I am moslty around people having a conversation about something they hate, like their job or some celebrity or the weather. To get out, I pretend to adjust something and fall back a tad. I usually end up hiking between to clumps of people by myself. (There are a few exceptions, you know who you are, cuz i like you. :o) OK that’s enough.
The hike was mostly level ground, until the last ¼ mile, where it was a rock scramble. We saw a natural spring, a couple of other meadows, and an example of a not so good campsite. It was awesome at the top of Jackass peak. For a moment the sun came out and it even felt a little warm. I was up there with a small group that needed close supervision due to the potential danger of falling a rather long way. One girl in the group, I think her name was Julia, was just too tiny to reach some of the holds, so some of us helped her in a couple spots. Her and Michelle, who seems to be her BBF were in a cooking group with another guy named Joe. I really got to like these guys, and not just because of the food they brought.

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  1. You know, if you look at the picture really closely, it almost looks like there some tiny people congregating on that rock.

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