The Rat Commute

Some of my customers are really hard on their cars.  Especially those with young families.

This is why Sarah doesn’t carpool with co-workers anymore.

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4 Responses to “The Rat Commute”

  1. speaking of which, our car now has new ball joints, and one new strut. still waiting on the other strut. it drives like new now, brad’s boss hooked us up; we only have to pay for parts, cost plus 10%, and no charge for labor. Total cost: $188.

  2. wow thats a deal. did they put on those new bushings i gave you while they had the arms off?

  3. bah i forgot about those. they’re doing the universal strut this weekend, i’ll remind brad.

  4. Freaky, I just HAD to be watching “Willard…”

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