Brain Clogs

My dream last night: Sarah and i watched a Japanese animae movie called Tokyo Godfathers. (homeless people in japan) I dreamed i was sleeping in a cardboard box and a truck drove by. when i woke up i felt an earthquake. there was a 3.1 near telescope peak.

A couple nights ago, i dreamed i was at one of my sisters ( band competitions in high school. There was a very fat girl playing the trumpet with extreme energy and animation. So much so that a big guy had been commissioned to stand behind her and hold up her gut.

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  1. well, that is a real belly full. Are you eating spicy food?

  2. I have been studying dream interpretation. I belive most dreams are God speaking to us in parables. Of course there are also pizza dreams. Most people and things in dreams are interpreted by what they mean to the dreamer. Some you can find in the bible. I have learned from seasoned dream interpreters that trucks usually have to do with a busness. If I were to interpret your first dream. I would say that you are going through hard times and a busness may come along that will shake thangs up but it will only pass by.
    Your second dream I would say means good times are coming, so much so that you will need help in keeping it under control.
    Than again according to the bible all dream interpretation belongs to the Lord. So pray about it. In the mean time I’ll see if I can find my teaching CDs on dreams and see if your dad will make some copies of them for you.

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