Worm I goin, and Wire We Here

The Chrysler, (refering this article) Still runs, and the client is happy with us but not the car. As it should be.

After tearing the harness apart twice looking for shorts, it was found to be that 2. Not 1, but 2 factory purchased PCM computers were faulty. the second computer would not even communicate with the scan tool. Insisting with the sublet repair company that “rebuilds” these boxes of glue, they verified a bad processor, and sent me a third computer. car immediately started right up and ran flawlessly. The customer has been warned that the wiring on this car is insulated with some kind of cheese product, but she is happy. I only think its a matter of time before something else goes wrong, but I’m surprised it has lasted this long already. Newer cars are made more and more out of plastic. Doing some research, i found the rejected prototype denied entry at the Paris Auto show if the 2010 dodge intrepid.

The good thing is: I think this car will be easier to work on.

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  1. I want to get an older car and have it modified into a more environmentally conscious thing. I don’t like this computer crap…

    Unfortunately, without the several parameters controlled by computer, a car cannot run clean at all. The only solution is a completely electric car, and then you have the environmental disaster of batteries.

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