Brain Clogs

A few nights ago…
I dreamed that my truck, left alone in a grass overflow parking lot in LA was broken into, and parts of the engine stolen. For some reason, I had my sisters phone, and i couldn’t get it to work. every time i pushed a button for a number, some other random entry came up. I went for help and came back to find some scrap- metal collectors claiming what was left of it.

Last night…
Dreamed that Sarah and i had moved to New Mexico and we were trying to figure out how to configure the new Google license plates for Sarah’s car. It had changing different colored numbers on it.

One Response to “Brain Clogs”

  1. Usually when you dream about your own car it represents your life. It sounds like your feeling lost and picked apart probably due to being busy with work and school, or bills. It also sounds like your feeling disconected from your family.
    Ok this is a wild guess on the second. You have a desire to be with your family but your trying to figure out how to stay connected with your family while helping Sarah stay connected to hers.
    I found my dream interpretaion tapes, they are on six cassets so I have to transfer them to CDs for you

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