Brain Clogs

Stress from school has been reeking havoc with my head, and ive been having nightmares.  Like a couple nights ago, i dreampt that the roof i spent all summer fixing was leaking so bad i was getting soaked as i tried to find the hole in the attic.  Then i found out it wasn’t raining outside.

Last night i had this one, thats got enough in it to start a sci fi novel

On a sandy porchish outcropping  over the beach, the 3 of us were trying to explore. One guy was digging a hole, when I felt an echoing vibration in the ground, on the other side of a giant rock that was the centerpiece of the porchish thing. He had hit a small boulder and was trying to work it loose. I got down from my climbing on the giant rock and dug into the ground where I heard the echo. “hit it again” I said. He hit his rock, I felt mine move. “Im gona rock it back and forth” he said, I felt my rock move. Hmm. He pulled up, I pushed down, the twin rocks came loose. Suddenly the two holes opened up and the rock flew up in front of me, over the giant rock, where its trajectory bent toward the beach cliffs. It floated in the air, strangely lifeless, out of sight toward the cliff. The third guy and the other guy started arguing about how this all worked. He jumped into the hole where the rock had come up, expecting to end up on the beach below. Instead he went under the giant rock and up the other hole and out. “Heh. I wonder how that works.” then he jumped into that hole. This time he bent back up the first hole, but now, as he cleared the second hole, he disappeared. In his place, a large rock followed the trajectory of the first rock towards the cliffs. This rock somehow did not look lifeless.

This followed with a strange dimension of people that appeared in rock form and time moved way slow.  the “porch” was an interdimentional gate that its creator died trying to use… the first lifeless rock.  My friend wasnt dead, he was just a rock now.

2 Responses to “Brain Clogs”

  1. might be kinda nice to be a rock. until a dog pees on you.

  2. Maybe it is your reaction to the one dee ten tee error happeneng now at our nations capital. All those politicians heads turning to rock, or maybe we are just realizing that they were rock headed all along?


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