Bicycle + dog = bad

Because i am a “cheap conservative” and like to save money, i look a lot like an environmentalist wacko a couple times a week, as i wear a bright yellow shirt and pack a bike bag in the spot for Sarah’s hybrid in the driveway. I told myself that if i consistently ride my bike to work twice a week, then i would permit myself to buy a nice bike. I’m getting to the point now where i can cover the 4 or so miles in about 15 minutes.

Side note: i really would like to get Sarah to enjoy bike riding more, i am trying to think of events we can do. On our last beach trip we bought an “all terrain” ice chest. got huge wheels on it, making it almost possible to pull it across beach sand. It rolls so easily that i got the idea to make a bike trailer out of it.

this should also come in particularly handy at the beach, where the actual beach and the parking spot you got there can be a long way apart.  especially when PCH is closed in Huntington Beach.  I will try to post a pic of this if it works out.

Anyway, there are people in our industrial complex that are causing me some trouble.  first off, despite all our efforts to follow environmental law, there is a stream of mysterious powdery liquid coming from a particular shop up-wind of us, that flows behind our bay door, causing it to get tracked in on vehicle tires.  I have said nothing about this, but people have complained.  This same shop recently got itself a dog, and refuses to tie it up.  on 3 occasions now, that dog has chased me on the bike.  I thought about pepper-spray, but so far charging back at the dog works.  i asked the shop people to take care of it, but i wonder if they even understand English.  I got particularly angry last time and told them that if the dog bit me i would sue them and own their shop.  We shall see now if i am calling the humane society on them. I would like to avoid ordering tires or windowpanes if this gets crazy, but i don’t want to get bit by a damn mutt.

Note 2 the A nail re10tive:  this is personal blog.  saint for professionals.  I tipe the way i want 2, and dont care  about postrophes and crapitalization.  this is my style, and if you dont like it go away.

the rest of you are welcome to comment on my style as far as creativity. i am allways willing to change my mind, as long as its for a better one.

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  1. An ice chest trailer would also be great for grocery shopping.

  2. Last I checked, CA had pretty strict leash laws. You SHOULD call the humane society. I hate it when people have nasty dogs and refuse to train them. It shows a complete lack of consideration and common sense.

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