Teach Amanda Fish

(the title and this paragraph were added a few minutes later)

Me and my wife (the geekette) have discovered for the third time, the 80s TV shows are more enjoyable if relived only in memory.  We recently got MacGyver on Netflix, where he taught a runaway teenager how to fish with a gum wrapper.  She took MacGyver to her place, and he ended up paying for her college education.

When I was working for min wage, i could go to Stater’s market and get lunch for less than a buck. A can of generic soda, an apple, and a granola bar. total about 70 cents. Not much of a lunch, but i think of this when i see people buy their Starbucks with a credit card.

I was thinking about visiting the cigar shop nearby, all i have left in the humidor is nice stuff, and i just wanted a little pleasure puff. Sarah said i would just hafta rely on her for that. I told her she was too hard to get lit.

When The Man brought the used engine back for me to put in the Buick, he reminded me of a puppy excitedly bringing a muddy slobbery tennis ball back to his owner.

Cars are becoming so reliable and well performing that people are taking advantage of it. Their driving is becoming less reliable and of lower performance.

We have a Wii. We have probably more Wii games than some video stores. i don’t know how that happened since i only purchased one. Ive noticed they have a formula like cheap novels: your introduced to an environment, your given a problem, then taken for a ride, and you never finish it.

From our community 30 foot garbage bin, Ive noticed: The larger the garbage containment facility provided, the larger the pile of garbage is right next to it.

I used to go to “sport cuts” for my hair. Why is it the better looking the stylist is, the worst job they do? I gave the 45 year old latino a $5 tip on a 10 cut the first time, i didn’t bother tipping the leggy blond the last time. I think i know what a cat handled by a 3 year old would feel like now.

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  1. Can you tell me who did your layout? I’ve been looking for one kind of like yours. Thank you.

  2. What, no picture of the haircut??

  3. I’m flabbergasted by the comment about the trash. I’m on the 4th floor of my building and somehow the other residents can get their trash to the trash chute, but they can’t seem to open the door and put the trash INSIDE the chute. As I’m typing this, there’s so much trash next to the chute door, I can’t even see the door anymore! I had to take my trash down to the dumpster in the garage today.

    I don’t understand why someone would make the effort to walk to the trash chute and not dump the trash. After all, that’s the funnest part of the whole process!

  4. A “pleasure puff” can actually kill a woman: http://www.mypleasure.com/education/qanda/questions/1047.asp

  5. Marie: Im a very gentle puffer.

    Doro: is this Dorothy from cal polly?

    Loraine: the haircut is fine, its the veterinarian treatment i disliked.

    Aaron: Its just a wordpress layout called “see you at the beach” modified a bit. My wife Simply-sarah.com does most of the work.

  6. Marie, if he did that I’d be concern that he had been puffing on something else prior and had lost his marbles. A woman is not a balloon. =P

  7. It is indeed Dorothy from Cal Poly! By the way, the trash has been picked up. I’m sure it’ll accumulate again. There’s nothing like the smell of garbage on a hot summer day…

  8. Sarah- I dunno, I look in the mirror and I just gotta ask myself…

    Jason, would you be interested in writing a guest post about toilet paper for my blog?

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