From 1/4 mile to Half Fast

NHRA took a lead from NASCAR and IRL to combine the 2 most non-mixable components of sports and call it an accomplishment:  They have receded to slow down racing.   Other than the obvious oxymoronic idea of making a sport based entirely on speed go slower, it shows people like me, that even tough guys are getting too sensitive. In this article you can see what I’m talking about.  In a nutshell, the old guys feel it would be safer if top fuel and funny-car dragsters only went 1000 feet, about 300 feet shorter than their regular 1/4 mile.  These are the same old guys that knew people like Leroy Chadderton who strapped themselves to the bottom half of a shopping cart  behind a gas tank, a V8 and a truck axle.  O ya, they had a helmet too.  People were killed every year back then. My friends, if you want safety, don’t race.  It is impossible to test the limits of mankind while imposing on yourself every other limit to getting there.  Man’s limits cannot be tested without danger.  Except the danger as part of the package, and stop ruining it for the rest of us.  You have no idea how many of us would be willing to strap ourselves to a piston powered rocket even as primitive as the danger buggies of the 60s.  All i ask for is a seatbelt and goggles.  O ya, and a helmet.  Let me be the one to decide what kind of crap i step in, don’t decide for me.  I can give you a list of 1/8 mile drag tracks all over So Cal.  I’m sure they would love to let you ride their asphalt. Stop riding mine, I want my fast.

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