Hole-stien Buick

Some people. you try to tell them everything is wrong with their car,

they still only want an oil change

This is, on the lift, what we refer to as Jaba the Buick. Im open to posible other captions.

We bought a car from a customer that needed an engine. The Man decides to get this bargain front clip that had been sitting in the rain next to a body shop like a chained up puppy for 4 years. Its an entire front subframe including a transmission, steering and suspension systems. As every seller of a used engine claims, it has low miles. it also had leaves, sludge, spiders, and many bent components in accessory. Since we are busy, It sits on the floor behind the transplant prospective, and became the shop pet. The Man says it looks like the thing from star wars, so i called it Jabba.
I now have to treat it like a pet, feeding it money and time to get it up to function. pulling it apart i found lots of crud everywhere. Monday i will even have to take it home and give it a bath so we can put new seals and casting plugs in it (we want it in its best show shape). All this so we can send it to slaughter on the freeways of the commuting public. another hole in the road in which someone will throw money.

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