How Not To Be a Foodie

try to eat this:

This is called a Sloppy Poppa.  It looked better on the menu, and strangely tasted better the next morning out of the microwave in the hotel room before catching the flight home from New Mexico.

For those of you reading with an eyebrow raised, I went to visit the Blocker part of my family in Rio Rancho NM for the first part of their family reunion.  For breakfast on sunday morning, my dad suggested Weck’s, a local hangout.  First sign of the kind of restaurant it was:  lets just say almost every patron was well rounded.  I saw this on the menu and ordered this to get a sample of possibly some good southern gravy, and was kind of disappointed.  The waitress handed me this terrain on a plate with a glint of sarcasm in her eye, as if to say “lets see if you townies can handle this.”  I guess It wasnt quite close enough to the south to get the good southern style gravy, but everything else about this dish is southern.

This is an order of hash browns.

its on 2 sliced biscuits, toped with bacon, cheese, southern gravy, and of course a NM staple, green chillies.  on top is a pair of fried eggs.  the pen is for size reference.

It took me and Sarah together over 2 days to finish this.  i would look this up for calorie content, but i don’t have the time or the bravery to find out.  i will decide simply not to mention this to my personal trainer.

Sarah and I are planning next year’s vacation, to NY city, were we hope to visit my Uncle Frank, see lots of stage performances and behave like foodies for a week.  I don’t think we will find food like this in New York. I can hardly wait.

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