Ring Around Your Balinda

Sarah will hopefully still have a job monday, a fire is mere blocks away from her office.  A rumor has emerged that Wier Canyon Honda is burned down, but i cannot confirm that.  So, TV sucks tonight, the choices are: fire news, rerun of TMZ, fire news, movie from the 80s, and fire news.

The fire is visible out the kitchen window, but theres too many other lights for a photo to turn out.

For those of you out of state, Its fire season again (thankyou captain obvious) you can see some local news here. The wind is tearing up my yard again and donating suplies not sucurely fastened down.  The source of most of the fires, the Santa Anna riverbed, is a stones throw from my house.  I hate wind.

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  1. Update: Evacuation area is now just bordering the corner where Sarah’s office is. You can see an updated map at ocregister.com. Her office is near Wier Canyon road and the 91 freeway on E. Kaiser. Our house is near where the map says “mira loma”

  2. Well, just one more thing to add to my “what I dont miss about so. cal.” list. Wind and fires.

    I hope you both have a home and work when the flames are out.


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